Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creation Museum Here We Come.....Hopefully

All year Trent has been involved in the Crossing at the church.  The Crossing is basically a youth group for Trents age.  Paul and I are very impressed with the program and were very excited to see how Trent would grown in his biblical knowledge.  
The reason that we were so excited is because the whole program is based off of the Story Cloth.
There are 42 stories and they last 3-4 minutes each.  The children have to say them by memory in front of 3 adults in order to go to the Creation Museum.  If they are able to do this and pass they will get an invite to go.  Trent has been working on this all year and he is now hitting testing time.  Last week was the written test, this week was the review oral test and next week is the real oral test.  Trent is very nervous!  He doesn't know who he has to test in front of and that is killing him.  Not only has he been study but he has had to work fundraisers and save some money to go......

I know that he will hit it out of the park but pray that he doesn't let his nerves get to him!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did You Know that I Have Great Kids???

Report Cards are in!!!  This is a big deal in my house because my kids work so hard on their school work.....

Let's start with Sydnee:

Language Arts   P (Proficient at Grade Level)

Mathematics   E (Exceeds Grade Level Proficiency)

Science   P

Social Studies   P

Characteristics of a Successful Learner, this includes 6 different categories; Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship.....she received an O (Outstanding)

She is reading at a 1st grade level on one of the state test however on the second state test she is right on track....WHATEVER!  We are happy!


Language Arts   89%
Mathematics   87%
Science   90%
Social Studies   88%

Characteristics of a Successful Learner, this includes 6 different categories; Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship.....he received an S+ (Satisfactory) on every one!
Having all S+ in this is a huge thing for Trent.  We are very proud of him and he is very proud of himself.

!!!!Nana's Here!!!!

Over Spring break Nana came for a visit, the kids were very excited to see her!  Lots of board games were played, we walked to the school and we got to go horse back riding.  That may not sound like alot but everyone enjoyed the visit and it was the prefect among of activity.  Everyone was just focused on spending time with each other

After Nana left Trent got to have a sleep over with 3 other boys!  WHAT WAS I THINKING???
Trent and his bud was showing off their chocolate was 10 in the morning....YES I let them have chocolate on Spring Break!

Sydnee has even more holes in her head!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trents New Hair!

Trent decided that it was time to do something different with his hair....he wanted his hair to look like the lead singers of Hawk Nelson.  H.N is a Chirstian punk rock band who Trent has gotten to see and he loves their music.  So when he came to me and said this two things went through my head; first I was happy he is looking up to these guys but the second was well....this was how his hair looked when we saw them in concert....
Can you see why I was speakless?  And yes I am happy that Trent looks up to these guys.  They are loud and proud of their beliefs!  I want everyone to know that I am not opposed to this persay...remember Paul walked around with hair like this but my son was clean cut up until a year ago.  I was shocked that he wanted to take a leap like this.

We get onto the computer and start looking at pictures and to my relief this is what Trent was thinking:
He wanted the hair like the blonde guy.



The back looks great this was a hurry Mom my hair looks fine picture.

What a handsome guy....I am such a MOM!

End of Season For Upwards

his last weekend was the closing weekend for Upwards.  Both of my kids were not very excited to see it come to an end.  Trents last game ended with a BANG!  They won by 37 points and every member of the team was able to score a basket.  Sydnee was not really focused while cheering for her last game, she was freakin out about her performance on Sunday.

At the rally on Sunday the Cheerleaders were going to go on stage and preform in front of everyone.  Now I can't remember if I posted this early in the season but the last time Sydnee got on stage and had to be in front of 500 people I ended up pulling her off because she was balling.  So not only does she have to go on stage, again, but they put her in the very front because the other girls watched her to stay on time.

This girl lost sleep, worried, complained and bagged not to have to do it and guess what.....she nailed it.  Drama Queen...wait did I just type that???

After the rally and performance there were bounce houses and food.

I wasn't sure if I should post this picture because Trent had a mouth full of food but lets be honest....Trent had like 4 corn dogs so he looked like this most of the time.

Trent hanging out with his team.

Trent eating again.....not much has changed

Yes you see this right....that is Trent pushing Sydnee into the mesh!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hammer

See the solid black hi-tops on the bottom of the picture....that is Trent.  The ball is in the middle of the 3 kids and obviously Trent wants it.

Trent is almost done with his 1st season of basketball and he is lovin it.  He has a nickname on his team....The Hammer.  He was given this name because of a few things; his high energy on the court, he is not afraid of the ball and his desire to get the ball.  His homework after the first game was to learn how to block without getting a foul.

His coach has been great about channeling his energy to good use and he has yet to make anyone bleed due to his "Hammer" like qualities. 

That butt in the air is Trents, he tends to lead with it when he has the ball.

This last Saturday was the toughest game his team had.  They came back from being 10 points under to have it end with a tied game of 24-24.  The Hammer was unleashed!  The other team had 2 very aggressive and large players who liked to try to push our little forward around.  Trents "love" of the game was a great quality to have!  He was there to help out his forward, although I will be honest I was waiting for someone to throw an elbow....