Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creation Museum Here We Come.....Hopefully

All year Trent has been involved in the Crossing at the church.  The Crossing is basically a youth group for Trents age.  Paul and I are very impressed with the program and were very excited to see how Trent would grown in his biblical knowledge.  
The reason that we were so excited is because the whole program is based off of the Story Cloth.
There are 42 stories and they last 3-4 minutes each.  The children have to say them by memory in front of 3 adults in order to go to the Creation Museum.  If they are able to do this and pass they will get an invite to go.  Trent has been working on this all year and he is now hitting testing time.  Last week was the written test, this week was the review oral test and next week is the real oral test.  Trent is very nervous!  He doesn't know who he has to test in front of and that is killing him.  Not only has he been study but he has had to work fundraisers and save some money to go......

I know that he will hit it out of the park but pray that he doesn't let his nerves get to him!


  1. Ok I don't know why the font is doing that. I have tried fixing it several times!

  2. its still readable. tell trent good luck. i know he will rock it! xoxoxo to the family

  3. its still readable. and tell trent good luck. i know he'll rock it. xoxoxo to the family

  4. Yea Trent! Praying he has calm thoughts and all his hard work pays off!